The official NPC Oregon State Championships Event Tanner is Bill Willyerd of Northwest Competition Tanning. To schedule your competition tan and/or request information visit the website at www.nwcctan.com.  No other spray tanners or spray tanning is allowed on site or in the hotel rooms. There will be an automatic disqualification if you are spray tanned by an unapproved tanner on site or in any of the contest hotel rooms.


Pre-judging tickets are available at the door the day of the show for $20. Evening show tickets can be purchased from Ticketswest or SNC.

Evening show tickets can also be purchased prior to the start of the show, but may be limited in quantity.

Contest Info

Master’s Classes

Entrants in Master’s division competing in their current age division may also double enter, if desired, in an age division below their current age.

Example: Men’s 50 and Over may also compete in 40 and over if desired, as well as any Open classes, Open Masters or Novice Men’s Physique providing requirements are met.

Upload Music

You can upload your music or bring you with you during check-in.  If you choose to upload, use the link below.  Files must be in MP3 format and meet the criteria detailed on the Competitor Info page.

Files must be named Last name_First Name.  File names must not contain spaces nor special characters.  For example, if your name is Bob Smith, the file you are uploading must be named Smith_Bob.mp3.

To upload, click “Select File” and locate the file on your computer and select it.  Once selected, click the “Open” button and you will be sent back to the oregonbodybuilding.com web site.  To complete the upload, click the “Upload File” button.  If  your upload is successful, you will see a message below the upload link.

Upload files